summer course

another year is coming to an end, and summer break is near.

I know that its hard to commit for a weekly lessons in the summer so I've build summer courses for you.

each course will take place in five consecutive days which we'll have 90 minutes lessons. that way we can focus on a specific subject and keep working through the summer.

those of you who will want to keep their weekly lessons could do that too over the summer.

the courses I've build for you will be personalized for each student and his needs and level.

register now and get 15% discount. (offer stands until the end of June).

for further details and any question, I'm always here. 0547238842

have a great summer!


music theory for beginners

in the end of the course we'll have theoretical and practical knowledge and tools on the guitar and we'll understand the basics of musical theory.

we'll learn the name of the notes, how to read sheet music, basic rhythm, itervals, and more.

music theory for advanced students

part two of the beginners course.

here we'll learn how to build chords, minor and major scales, modes, and more.

writing and composing

in this course we'll learn how to write and compose songs in the pop\rock genre. we'll learn the history of pop music in the last 50 years and gain tools to compose and express ourselves through our guitar or piano.

playing in a group

do you play guitar and have a friend who plays piano? always missing the sax solo in your song? lets play together! in this course we'll learn the balance of playing in a group, we'll learn to listen to each other and play together. in addition, we'll learn the basics of musical arrangement and how to find cool parts to play that will fit in perfect in a band. this course is for at least 2 people.

recording a song 

did you write a song and you want to record it? you got an instrumental piece and want to hear how it sounds with a band? in this course we'll record an original song or a cover. we'll learn the basics of musical arrangement and recording techniques and in the end of the week we'll have a professional demo of our song.

build your own course

trying to get in to a music course of study at high school? you need to bring your A game to an audition? in this course we'll set a terget together and work hard on achieving it.

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